Problems with London Taxis

The unusual shape of the black London taxis may make them very conspicuous but even so, sometimes it is hard to spot one which is free when you need one. It isn’t because there are not enough taxis in London there are, 80,000 of them to be exact, it is just that they are always busy with the over 300,000 fares they have to carry each day. For that reason, knowing a reliable London taxi company number would be useful for any trips you may to London either on business or for pleasure. One such reliable taxi company that operates in the London area and also provides airport pick-ups and drop offs to all three of the London airports is Ealing taxis. The taxi ealing solutions offer the opportunity to make bookings either by phone or online and at the time of booking, will provide you with a quote that is accurate and reasonable. Not only can they provide you with a traditional London black cab if needed but they can also offer you a variety of other vehicles, depending on how many passengers there are and how much baggage they have. A regular saloon can carry 4 passengers as long as they have minimal baggage whilst an estate car can either handle 4 passengers with larger baggage or 5 passengers with minimal baggage. They also have MVPs and mini buses available for pick-ups and drop offs of larger groups. If you are interested in luxury, they can also offer executive saloons and MVPs. The prices they quote will be the actual prices the driver charges unless you had requested the driver to make a detour or instructed them to wait. The prices quoted will be those made in accordance with their fixed price rates which are very competitive for London taxis. A quote for an airport pick-up however, will include a 15 minute waiting time as that ensures that the driver both reaches in time and waits for you. Other taxis that do not make this additional charge; often arrive late or do not wait if you have a short delay in finding your luggage. As well as being reliable, using Ealing taxis will afford peace of mind as to the qualifications of the driver and the proper insurance of the vehicle as, all drivers are fully qualified and all vehicles are properly licenced and insured for use as fare paying passenger vehicles.

Although regular passengers can opt to pay either by cash or valid credit card, those people that work for a business which have a business account with Ealing taxis, can just have their fare added to their businesses monthly bill. All the company’s drivers can also provide receipts if needed or requested. Having a business account may entitle your passengers to huge discounts; sometimes as much as 40% off the regular fares and that is on top of the monthly billing system allowing a business to better manage their expenses whilst they have staff visiting England’s capital.