Tanks The Chieftain Tank

It used to be the UK´s main battle Tank. It was introduced in the 1966 and for a while it held the title for the most powerful main gun and best armor of any tank in the world. It introduced the reclined position of the tank drivers of today. It used the concept that if you have a sharp incline of armor plates, you don’t need heavy Armour plating. So they could make tanks go faster and use less gas. This made Driving the Tank an interesting proposition. The experience was like driving a futuristic vehicle, according to some soldiers.

This tank is equipped with a royal ordinance L1145 which is a 120 mm rifled tank gun. When the British were designing their guns to be mounted in the then new chieftain Tanks, they had very specific ideas in mind. They wanted a gun that could have an effective engagement range of over 22,000 yards. The tank has been retired from active duty in the British military, but it is still being used by NATO where this range is also important. The most advanced feature of the Chieftain Tank is its targeting system that is fully stabilized. This means that the Tank can be Driving and shooting at the same time. The turret of the Tank compensates for the movement.

The Chieftain Tank sits 4 people, as it goes is the standard for all Tanks. Commander, gunner ammunition loader and driver. The commander identifies the target through 9 vision blocks and a periscope and informs the gunner where to target. The commander and gunner combination proved to be deadly because while the gunner is focused on one target, the commander was already looking for the next. The ammunition loader loads the 120mm round on the tank. And the driver operates the tank.

This Tank is equipped with a Leyland L60 rear mounted diesel engine. This engine propels the tank for up to a 310 mile range at a very comfortable 19 mile per hour speed off road. On roads the Tank can reach up to 30 mile per hour speeds. With 6 road wheels that end in the drive sprocket this tank can run over anything.

As I mention before the tank is equipped with a 120 mm rifled gun that can fire 10 rounds per minute with in one minute and 6 after, but this is not the only armament that is available in the Chiftain Tank. The commander also has a 7.62 millimeter L37A1 machine gun that can be operated by the commander with the cupola that can be fired directly or indirectly from with in the tank. It also has a coaxial L8A1 7.62 machine gun that operated as a back up weapon.

Imagine Driving a Tank like this? The Experience could be life changing. Who else can say that they have had the opportunity to Drive a Tank? Well there are a couple of companies that let you do just that. The A Day in a Tank company up in the UK allows you to drive one of this bad boys. For Tank Driving Experience details visit the web page.