Car Accident Compensation

People who were in a car accident for the first time, or even for people who have had a car accident before, it can be confusing to know what to do and what procedures to take after the accident. It is likely that many people don’t know what to do next and that they have rights to help them file for a claim. In this article, you will be able to see the importance of hiring a lawyer to help you after the accident.

The Aftermath Of The Car Accident

After the accident, you may discover that you have physical injuries or that there is a dent in your car. This can cost a lot and you should be able to charge the other party who is at fault when you have the help of one of the top lawyer auto accident specialists in your area. They can help you understand the process of filing and they can also help make things clearer for you. Any question that you may have regarding the car accident compensation will also be answered.

The most important thing that you should discover is whose fault the accident was. You will figure this out with the help of your attorney. In case the other party is to blame, you can get car accident compensation if you file for a claim. Determining whose fault it is will depend on the investigation made.

The Car Accident Compensation

To determine the compensation that one gets would depend on the three models used. It can be comparative negligence, proportional comparative fault or pure comparative fault. For the comparative negligence model, if it is proven that the claiming party ha a fault in the accident, even if it is just minimal, there will be no compensation given. This model isn’t usually used today.

The proportional comparative model, there will be a set value for the allowable percentage of fault by the one who filed for a claim. If it falls within the allowable percentage, there would be a compensation that would be given to those who filed for the claim.

For the pure comparative fault model, the amount of the compensation is based on the amount of damages less the percentage of fault by the one who is claiming for the compensation. For example, the amount of the damage is totaled to $5000 and the fault of the client was said to be 10%. The amount of the compensation will amount to 90% of the $5000 or $4500.

The Percentage Fault

A lot of insurance companies will say that the adjuster is the only one responsible for setting the percentage of fault basing on the different factors presented. This will not always benefit the one who is insured. The lawyer you hire on the other hand can help with the examination to get the highest compensation possible. It is very important that you get a lawyer so that you can get the best compensation possible. Those lawyers who work for the insurance companies may do tricks to keep your compensation as low as possible so you better have someone to counter it.